PBW35 Boring and Welding Machine

Item No.: PBW35
Boring and Welding Machine PBW35

Boring Range:  Ø40- Ø350mm

Welding Range: Ø40- Ø250mm/Ø300mm/Ø350mm
Product Name: Line Boring and Welding Machine PBW35
  • PBW35 line boring and welding machine for line boring solutions is developed for on-site machining service. Such line boring machine with bore welding repair is widely used in mobile bore repair machining, including different excavators, earthmoving equipment repair, such as Komastu 6500 bucket exactor, Komastu WA1200 whee loader, rock trucks,massive gearboxes and much more, this machine has both functions for line boring machineand bore welder to complete any of your line boring needs.
  •  PBW35 boring and welding machine can weld the inner holes, including swing welding, spiral welding, skip welding. If the operator has ID bore welding need, it can well meet their requirement. The operator only need to change the welding bar when they need rotary bore welding or change the boring bar when they need to bore inner hole, it can save the trouble for installing the different mounting supports of mobile line boring machine and portable bore welding machine, which saves more time.
  • The portable line boring and overlay welding machine PBW35 is a lightweight, compact, powerful line boring welding machine for bore welding repair and line boring on site, It has boring bars and welding bars in different length, you can choose different welding bar or boring bar when you need to repair the holes in tight and cramped spaces, such the repair of holes in excavator cylinder base. As In-situ boring machine and portable bore welder, it provides in-situ machining solutions for the construction machinery repair, earthmoving machinery repair.
Remark: PBW35 line boring machine can be customized to match different line boring services’ needs. If you have special requirements, welcome to contact us.
Standard Accessories:

  • NC controller
  •  Boring bars 50x300mm/450mm/1600mm
  • Welding bars 40x200mm/300mm/600mm/900mm
  • Mounting supports
  • Shockproof support
  • Set-up cones
  • Reducing sleeves
  • Tools
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Cutters
  • Tool head for holding the cutter
  • Excessive welding,
  • Welding torch nozzles,
  • Stroke frame
  • Cutter blades,
  • Welding handle wire
  • Welding protection nozzles
  • Remote controller
Optional Accessories:

  • Measuring tool for cutting radius
  • Measuring tool for measuring inner hole
  • Universal boring bar
  • Other boring bars
  • Facing head for facing
  • Welding parts
Technical data:
Model PBW35
Boring diameter range 55-250mm (optional: 35-350mm)
Boring bar 50x300mm/450mm/1600mm
Welding bar 40x200mm/300mm/600mm/900mm
Max.travel 300mm (or based on customized)
Speed 50-200rpm (stepless)
Main motor 220V / 2.3 KW
Feeding Automatic and manual
Max. weight for single piece 14kg
Packing weight 85-110KG